Meet the Visionary


Meet the Visionary

It was inevitable that Leslie Lewis would follow the career path of interior design and successfully fulfill one of her greatest life passions.  Long before high school, she was well on her way to perfecting the art of technical drafting alongside her father, an esteemed civil engineer & land surveyor.  Her summers were spent drafting mortgage land surveys and site plans.  This technical knowledge balanced perfectly with the influence of her mother, a talented residential designer with a sincere love for all things décor.

After graduating from the highly acclaimed school of interior design at Florida State University, Leslie went on to work for some of the most highly recognized global design firms.  Her working experience took her from national projects to international projects, including the Middle East, India, and China.  Her working experience has focused primarily on high-end residential & hospitality interior architecture; however her passion is not limited to these familiarities.

Being a LEED AP accredited designer with the USGBC (US Green Building Council), she encourages environmentally responsible design practices when possible.  Her approach is simple yet provocative: create a harmonious environment that reflects a marriage of both function and aesthetic. Her personal philosophy ensures special considerations are given for the environment, culture, and external surroundings of each particular project to bring about the essence and style that is best suited.  With an expertise in custom construction details, her clients will see past the obvious design solutions, offering a creative custom design they might not have thought of before.

After spending the past ten years working on extraordinary projects, she intends to welcome a more diverse clientele with the opening of her Boutique Design House, Pachaus Studio.   Here, she aims to push the envelope for both residential and hospitality design.

“All people deserve a great space of refuge, be it a home, hotel, or even a day spa.  My goal is to help people invent that space reflecting every bit of their style and vision.” -Leslie Ann Lewis