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Pachaus Studio

Pachaus Studio

noun [pac-hous], pacific + house : a forward thinking design studio creating custom interiors & creative spaces for new clients with diverse needs.

The philosophy behind Pachaus Studio is to bring innovative interior architecture and design services to both new clientele as well as fellow trade professionals. Our belief is that people deserve their own personal retreat from their daily regimen of life’s responsibilities. We aim to create this personalized space of refuge whether it be a home, or a hospitality setting.

Given the current aspects of today’s society with its technological advances, yet limited resources, we believe a new approach to interior design is necessary. Pachaus Studio aims to change the lingering assumption that design services are limited to people existing in the upper echelon of society. Our services are extended to projects large and small.

Through our efficient design process, carefully selected and developed partnerships with trade professionals, and resources, we ensure you will have a positive and personal journey to make your project everything that you had envisioned and more.




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